Ohio Voters Say No to Drug Price Relief Act

Voters in Ohio overwhelmingly opposed the Ohio Drug Price Relief Act in the polls on November 7.  This ballot initiative would prohibit Ohio’s state government from paying any more for prescription drugs than the lowest price paid by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.  The Ohio Pharmacists Association opposed this bill, calling it “deceptive,” and […]

Ernie Boyd Honored with Dargavel Medal for Leadership

Ernest Boyd, RPh, MBA, Executive Director of the Ohio Pharmacists Association has received the 2017 John W. Dargavel Medal from the National Community Pharmacists Association Foundation.  This award, sponsored by McKesson, “honors a person whose contributions on behalf of independent pharmacy embody the spirit of leadership and accomplishment personified by Dargavel, who was executive secretary of the National […]

Ohio Bill Would Allow for Epinephrine Substitution

An Ohio state legislator has introduced a bill to allow pharmacists the authority to substitute epinephrine autoinjectors without requiring a new prescription.  HB 101, the Epinephrine Accessibility Act, allows pharmacists to substitute an epinephrine product due to cost, ease of use, or effectiveness.  This bill comes on the heels of the outcry around the increasing […]

OPA on Leading Edge of Pharmacy Innovation with MTM

The Ohio Pharmacists Association has put together a booklet showcasing MTM success stories in Ohio. Additionally, OutcomesMTM listed Ohio as one of the states with the highest number of completed MTM claims. Many Ohio Medicaid beneficiaries have access to MTM services provided by Ohio pharmacists through the Caresource MTM benefit. OPA’s booklet, Ohio’s MTM Story, will be a […]

Emerging Practices in Diabetes Prevention and Control: Working with Pharmacists

The CDC recently released Emerging Practices in Diabetes Prevention and Control: Working with Pharmacists, a document examining the role of pharmacists in chronic disease management.  This document highlights experiences from three 1305 grantees—Colorado, Iowa, and Ohio—in involving pharmacists in medication therapy management and team-based care. The states describe the roles they play and their partners played, […]