Trump Administration: Ease Scope of Practice Laws

A new report out this week suggests that easing scope of practice laws would make U.S. healthcare more competitive and efficient.  The report, “Reforming America’s Healthcare System Through Choice and Competition,” was called for by President Trump and jointly issued by the departments of Health and Human Services, Labor, and Treasury. “[A]dvanced practice registered nurses […]

Alberta RNs Will Soon Prescribe Certain Medications

Last week, the College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta announced that new regulatory changes will allow registered nurses to prescribe certain medications and order diagnostic tests, including x-rays. The medications will include those for sexually transmitted diseases, travel medications, and vaccines. As reported by the Calgary Herald, while announcing the changes, the Alberta […]

Consumer Reports Highlights Benefits of Visiting Your Local Pharmacist

Consumer Reports recently highlighted four ways that visiting your local pharmacist can make you healthier.  With their extensive training and accessibility, as well as their ability to manage chronic diseases, pharmacists are an important member of the health care team.  To reap the benefits of pharmacist-provided services, patients should: Choose the Right Pharmacy: Visiting the […]

New Study Suggests Using Pharmacist Services Could Free Up ERs

A new study out of Canada found that patients with uncomplicated urinary tract infections can be “safely and quickly” treated by a pharmacist, and potentially unburden busy emergency rooms across the country.  The study, “Outcomes of Urinary Tract Infection Management by Pharmacists: A study of pharmacist prescribing and care in patients with uncomplicated urinary tract infections […]

Pharmacists in Action: Educating Patients About Prescription Opioids

Allied Against Opiod Abuse (AAOA) has published a new blog post highlighting how pharmacists can use AAOA resources to fill gaps in the healthcare space and educate patients about prescription opioids. The post also features an interview with community pharmacist Katie Bass of Planada, CA, about how she is educating patients and prescribers about their […]

Naloxone Could Be Used Past Expiration Date, According to New Study

Researchers from the Marshall University School of Pharmacy have found that naloxone products could be chemically stable past their expiration date.  Both the nasal spray Narcan and the injection Evzio were found to be stable beyond their 18-month to 2-year shelf life. “The country is experiencing an opioid epidemic and given the continued increase in […]