Illinois to Pay Nearly $5 Million to Independent Pharmacies

The state of Illinois is sending $4.7 million to more than 70 independent pharmacies caught in the “financial squeeze of inadequate reimbursements” from filling Medicaid prescriptions.  This money, a part of the $10 million Critical Access Pharmacy Program, is intended to assist small, independent pharmacies, located mostly in downstate Illinois, facing financial issues related to […]

Oregon Governor Signs PBM Regulation Bill

Earlier this week, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed Oregon HB 2185, relating to pharmacy benefit managers, into law. The bill, supported by the Oregon State Pharmacy Association (OSPA), establishes some basic fair practices: Allows patients the option to use a local pharmacy instead of mandating use of a mail order pharmacy; Allows local Oregon pharmacies […]

State Provider Status Comes to Texas

Two Texas bills recognizing pharmacists as providers and providing payment for pharmacist services were signed into law at the end of May. Championed by the Texas Pharmacy Association, HB 3441 prohibits insurers from denying reimbursement to pharmacists for services provided within the scope of their license, if those services are covered when provided by a […]

Over 200 Pharmacy Stakeholder Groups Urge Senate Finance to Fix DIR

Over 200 pharmacy stakeholder and patient advocacy groups sent a letter to Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Wyden, chairman and ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, urging them to include DIR fee reform in their drug pricing legislation.  NASPA, along with NCPA, APhA, and many state pharmacy associations, signed on to the letter. The […]

PTCB Awards Medication Safety Grants to State Associations

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) has awarded grants to support projects that promote medication safety and advance the role of pharmacy technicians to four state pharmacy associations including the Iowa Pharmacy Association, North Dakota Pharmacists Association, and the Tennessee Pharmacists Association. “PTCB continually collaborates with state pharmacy associations to advance patient safety and care,” […]

Over 100 Organizations Urge Congress to Oppose Importation of Non-FDA Approved Drugs

Over 100 health, patient advocacy, and law enforcement organizations, including NASPA and state pharmacy associations, signed on to a letter sent to President Trump and members of Congress asking them to safeguard patients and protect the secure U.S. prescription drug supply.  The letter reminds the president and members of Congress that four previous FDA commissioners […]