Ohio Bill Allows Pharmacists to Substitute Epinephrine

A new bill in Ohio allows pharmacists to substitute generic epinephrine for brand-name drugs.  The Epinephrine Accessibility Act, signed into law earlier this month, allows pharmacists “to substitute a prescribed, brand-name epinephrine auto-injector for a pharmaceutically equivalent epinephrine auto-injector.”  This change in the law could potentially save patients hundreds of dollars per prescription. The Ohio Pharmacists […]

Ohio Bill Would Allow for Epinephrine Substitution

An Ohio state legislator has introduced a bill to allow pharmacists the authority to substitute epinephrine autoinjectors without requiring a new prescription.  HB 101, the Epinephrine Accessibility Act, allows pharmacists to substitute an epinephrine product due to cost, ease of use, or effectiveness.  This bill comes on the heels of the outcry around the increasing […]