2018 State Fact Sheets

These state fact sheets contain useful information for advocacy at both the state and federal level. They include a narrative of the value of pharmacists and also state-specific demographic data, demonstrating the widespread need for pharmacist-provided patient care services and the potential impact of implementing programs that provide coverage for these services. Download your state’s fact […]

Doctor says pharmacists are qualified to prescribe

Kevin Bozic, M.D., MBA Question leading to this response (1:28:42): Are there legal impediments now that you are experiencing … as a physician … that might facilitate … what patients hold important? Longer portion of response: Meeting information   Click Here to Go to the Pharmacist Prescribing Resource Page

Support for Pharmacist Prescribing and Decreasing Scope Restrictions

It’s not just pharmacists who think it makes sense to expand pharmacy scope of practice restrictions and allow pharmacists to prescribe. Below are some of the many examples supporting the concept. On the physician shortage problem: …independent practice for non-physician practitioners is likely at the crux of an immediate solution. Although we’re running low on […]

State Provider Status Legislative Update

State legislative sessions are in full swing across the U.S. and a myriad of legislation pertaining to patient access to pharmacists services is in the works. There are now 95 active bills that fall in one of three areas of activity: scope of practice (medication/immunization administration, collaborative practice agreements, prescriptive authority, etc); payment for services; and […]

State Legislatures Off to a Running Start: 50 Provider Status Bills

State legislatures continue to look to pharmacists as a way to improve health outcomes and lower health costs. There are currently 50 pieces of legislation in front of legislatures across the country that relate to state-level pharmacist provider status. A majority of these are carry-overs from the 2017 session but some were newly introduced for […]