Venebio Group LLC Helps Predict Opioid Overdoses

As the country continues to deal with a growing opioid epidemic, one company’s overdose predicting tool may be the solution.  Venebio Group LLC has developed the Venebio Opioid Advisor to allow physicians to understand the likelihood a patient may overdose on an opioid prescription.  If the patient is more likely to overdose, the physician could […]

Kroger Pharmacies in Kentucky Begin Selling Naloxone Without Prescription

Staring this week, Kroger has begun selling naloxone without a prescription at all of its 96 pharmacies in Kentucky. “Naloxone is a lifesaving drug in the hands of those actively using opioids, including prescription opioids and heroin, and their loved ones,” Trish Freeman, RPh, PhD, President of Kentucky Pharmacists Association (KPhA) said. “Kroger pharmacists are among […]

Kaleo Webinar

Check out the recording below of the July 21, 2016 NASPA member webinar. Special thank you to kaleo and Eric Edwards for sharing his time and talent with us on this webinar. Download the Slides

Health Commissioner’s Standing Order Aims to Increase Access to Lifesaving Overdose Reversal Medication

The Indiana State Health Commissioner issued a new statewide standing order making it easier for individuals to obtain naloxone without a prescription.  Nonprofits, pharmacies, local health departments, addiction treatment facilities and correctional facilities can register with the state as naloxone dispensers using either the statewide standing order signed by the health commissioner or an order provided […]

TPA Announces Standing Order Authorizing Texas Pharmacists to Provide Naloxone

The Texas Pharmacy Association responds to the escalating opioid overdose epidemic by announcing the implementation of an expansive physician-authorized “standing order” regarding the dispensing of naloxone.  “Through TPA’s standing order, pharmacists in Texas will be allowed to dispense Naloxone to any patient that they believe may have a medical need. This standing order is intended […]

WellCare, Kentucky Pharmacists Association Partner on Naloxone Access

The Kentucky Pharmacists Association and WellCare are now making it easier for the community to get access to naloxone atomizers.  The two partnered together to make 1,000 atomizers free through naloxone kits, and pharmacists will distribute the atomizers to Medicaid recipients and individuals with no insurance. “WellCare and the Kentucky Pharmacists Association are being proactive […]