Pharmacist Prescribing: Hormonal Contraceptives

Currently, there are 13 U.S. jurisdictions with statutes or regulations that allow pharmacists to prescribe contraceptives (without a CPA): California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Virginia, and West Virginia. Detailed description of current authority *Accessible to NASPA Members Only, Please Log-In* Advocacy Contraceptive Prescribing  Infographic Minnesota […]

DC Bill Moving Forward to Allow Pharmacist-Prescribed Birth Control

Washington DC lawmakers may soon allow pharmacists to prescribe contraceptives to women in the nation’s capital.  The District Council voted unanimously earlier this month to push the Defending Access to Women’s Health Care Services Amendment Act of 2017 into law.  In addition to authorizing pharmacists to prescribe contraceptives, the bill would also “grandfather” some Affordable […]

New Hampshire Recommends Pharmacists Prescribe Birth Control

Will New Hampshire be the next state to authorize pharmacists to prescribe birth control?  Possibly.  A New Hampshire legislature-appointed commission unanimously recommended the idea.  The commission included legislators, pharmacists, physicians, and Health and Human Services Department employees, among others, and was given the charge of improving access to various forms of hormonal contraceptives for New […]

Pharmacists in Hawaii Will Now Be Able to Prescribe Birth Control

Hawaii is the latest state in the country to authorize pharmacists to prescribe birth control.  Hawaii Governor David Ige signed Act 067 into law this month, making Hawaii the sixth state, behind California, Oregon, California, New Mexico, and Maryland, to give pharmacists this authority. According to Act 067, pharmacists will be given the authority to […]

New Mexico Pharmacists Can Now Prescribe Birth Control

Starting this Friday, New Mexico will join Oregon, California, and Colorado as one of the few states allowing pharmacists to prescribe contraception.  New Mexico has had statewide protocols for pharmacists prescribing for several years, but this regulation authorizing a hormonal contraceptive statewide protocol goes into effect this month. “Pharmacists in New Mexico are proud of […]

Pharmacists Authorized to Prescribe Birth Control in More States

Update: since the time this was posted, both Maryland’s and Hawaii’s bills have passed. Already, California and Oregon pharmacists are able to prescribe* contraceptives. Both of these states also have opportunities for the assessment the pharmacist performs to be compensated as well. Now, the concept is moving to other states. Colorado In 2016, Colorado passed […]