Student Scholarships

State Response
Alabama Yes, through foundation
Alaska 3 scholarships with application, transcript, LOR
California Student award
Connecticut 6 scholarships
Delaware 4 $1000 scholarships through applications, golf tournament fundraiser
Florida 3-4 scholarships through foundation
Idaho $2000/year through college of pharmacy, annual conference scholarship for volunteers
Illinois $1000 leadership scholarship to each school and $1000 memorial scholarship
Indiana 4 $1000 scholarships through foundation
Iowa $9500 to each college for 8-10 students total chosen by colleges
Kansas 2/year with applications
Kentucky 3 for each college of pharmacy, chosen by faculty
Maine Apply through website, varies depending on golf tournament proceeds
Maryland 2 through association and 2 through foundation ($1500 each), application, transcript, essay
Michigan 1 $1500/year to each college, email applications
Minnesota 2-4 per year, application form with CV and 2 LORs
Missouri $5000/year at each school selected by schools
Montana $7500 to school for 7 students, Attendance scholarships for convention & winter meeting
Nebraska 2/year to each college
New Jersey Student awards
New Mexico $1000 through foundation
North Dakota 25 scholarships through college of pharmacy
Oklahoma Varies per year, through foundation, grants for conference
Oregon $2000 per school for 1 student selected by school
Pennsylvania Through foundation
Rhode Island 6/year through foundation
South Carolina 4 $1000 funded by foundation
South Dakota 2 through schools, chosen by faculty
Tennessee Based on leadership & need
Texas 5 named scholarships & 1 for each COP (13 total), apply through schools who submit 2 names per scholarship, through foundation
Utah Donations to 2 pharmacy school foundation funds
Vermont $500 scholarship/year application based
Virginia 1 scholarship
Washington 4 scholarships/year determined by school
Wisconsin Graduation award, public affairs engagement award for each school
Wyoming Administered by university