Students as members of the board

State Response
Alabama Student board member from each school selected by deans and APA executive committee, non-voting
Alaska Students volunteer each year
Arizona President from each school sits on board as liaison (non voting)
California Trustee serves on board
Colorado Board representative from ASP
Connecticut 3-5 students can attend board meetings to learn plus 2 liaisons from each school
Delaware Student member on the board
Florida 1 student position on board of directors
Idaho 2 students on board elected by COP
Illinois 1 student on board of directors chosen by president with a vote
Indiana Nonvoting members self-nominated
Iowa 2 student board positions
Kansas APhA or NCPA president serves on board ex officio
Kentucky 2 seats on the board appointed by president
Maine 2 students on the board ex officio recommended by board members
Maryland 3 students on board ex officio with 1 vote
Michigan Chair of SMPA on board with a vote
Minnesota 2 students on board (1 per campus)
Missouri Can attend board meetings
Montana 2 students with votes on board
Nebraska 1 student from each school on board nominated by school faculty
New Jersey 1 trustee & 1 alternate appointed by schools
New Mexico
North Dakota 1 member for APhA and 1 for NCPA
Oklahoma 1 seat per school on board with split vote
Oregon Student representative from each school on the board (usually APhA president)
Pennsylvania 2 students on the board elected by students
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota 2 student liaisons who give updates at each board meeting
Tennessee President on board, president-elect can attend board meetings
Texas Chair of TPA-ASP on board
Vermont President is voting member of the board
Virginia 1 seat on the board rotating between 4 colleges
Washington 2 pharmacy schools elect directors who serve on board of directors with 1 vote each
Wisconsin No student board members
Wyoming 1 ex officio board member determined by University of Wyoming