Pharmacist Immunization Authority

Every state allows pharmacists to administer immunizations, but laws vary widely in the details surrounding that authorization. There are three main categories to consider when looking at pharmacists’ vaccination authority by state:

  1. Which vaccines can be administered: Can pharmacists administer all FDA-approved vaccines, CDC/ACIP-recommended vaccines, or only vaccines specifically listed in statute?
  2. Who prescribes the vaccine for a patient: The pharmacist (independent authority) or another healthcare provider via protocol or prescription (dependent authority)?
  3. What patient can receive a vaccine from a pharmacist: Are there age ranges or other limits in place, and are they the same for all vaccines the pharmacist is allowed to administer, or does it vary depending on the vaccine?

The interactive map below provides a visual representation of how broad pharmacists’ vaccination authority is in each state.



Click below for a detailed updated resource of pharmacist authority to provide vaccinations, by vaccination type, as of September 2020.

Details on Immunization Authority

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