COVID-19 Pandemic Information

NASPA Resources

State Responses: Collection of emergency declarations, executive orders, board waivers, etc from the states. We are continuing to compile information on state responses to the pandemic.

Pharmacy Organization’s Joint Policy Recommendations to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic

Other Resources

CDC Info Center

CDC Info for Healthcare Providers

Emergency rules and guidance from DEA

APhA’s Pharmacists’ Guide to Coronavirus

ASHP’s Coronavirus Resource Center

NCPA’s Coronavirus Information Center

COVID-19 statistics – from Our World in Data

USP Hand Sanitizer Compounding Resource

USP COVID-19 Resource Page – includes resources related to compounding hand-sanitizer and PPE conservation

DEA Oral Schedule II Prescriptions Guidance Letter

FDA Resource Page

Resources to Help Health and Well-being of Clinicians During COVID-19 Outbreak

PCMA Statement: PBMs Stand with Rx Supply Chain to Help Patients Access Medications

OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

DEA Response Regarding Pseudoephedrine Signatures

CMS Coronavirus Toolkit

NCPDP Emergency Preparedness Information

OSHA Safety Measures for Retail Pharmacies

Temporary Policy Regarding Non-Standard PPE Practices for Sterile Compounding