Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The target audience for the certificate program is pharmacists who practice in community pharmacy, academia, outpatient settings, and pharmacy association staff. While the program is primarily designed for community pharmacists, non-pharmacists interested in point-of-care testing are also welcome to complete the program.

Yes!  NASPA’s Point-of-Care-Test & Treat National Certificate Program is a Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) recognized training program for their Point-of-Care Testing Certificate.   

Learn more about PTCB’s Advanced Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT-Adv) program here.

The 2022 updated certificate program is accredited for 20 hours of continuing education – 16 hours of home study and 4 hours of live training. 20 hours of continuing education credits is equivalent to 2.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Partial credit is not awarded for this program; all 20 contact hours must be completed to receive the full 20 hours of continuing pharmacy education.

While NASPA administers the program, registered providers typically offer the individual sessions. When a registered provider’s session is open to the public, NASPA lists the session on the Upcoming Trainings page with a link to registration. Participants sign up directly through the registered provider, not through NASPA.

NASPA does not set a price for the certificate program. Participants sign up for the course through registered providers that set their own cost per participant.

Only instructors who have completed NASPA’s Train-the-Trainer program, in addition to the certificate program, are permitted to teach the live session. Trainers who completed the certificate program and the Train-the-Trainer program through NACDS are considered to be in good standing, provided that they complete a short refresher course through NASPA. Instructors typically have backgrounds in community pharmacy, academia, or pharmacy associations.

In January 2021, NASPA acquired the certificate program from NACDS. The program has since been updated for trainings in 2022 and beyond. As the steward of the program, NASPA aims to provide a national platform for training and expansion of point-of-care testing in community pharmacies.

Initially, the certificate program was developed by 8 individuals from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Ferris State University College of Pharmacy, and the Michigan Pharmacists Association. We thank the Original Developers: Don Klepser, Mike Klepser, Stephanie Klepser, Keith Olsen, Paul Dobesh, Ally Dering-Anderson, and Dianne Malburg for their contributions to the original program. Click on “Developer Bios” to learn more about them.

2022 Program Updates

The 2022 version of the program addresses participant and instructor feedback, and includes eased implementation via a streamlined, practice-based live session; current content crafted by experts and a new and emerging trends module; and instructional training videos, all provided through an interactive, web-based platform.

No. Those who completed the program prior to the January 2022 still hold valid certificates of completion for this program.

Participant Questions

Contact the registered provider for the specific session you signed up to attend. The registered provider is responsible for providing their session participants with an enrollment code that will unlock access to the learning product on this website.

Please contact your session trainer for additional assistance. Session trainers should be able to troubleshoot some issues, or request assistance from NASPA at

Please complete Modules 1-12 with corresponding quizzes, in addition to the cumulative exam before attending the live session. This home study material will prepare you for the live session.

At the conclusion of the live session, your instructor will provide an attendance code. You must return to the online learning platform, LecturePanda, enter the attendance code when prompted, and complete the final overall course evaluation. Once this piece is complete, a toolkit will be unlocked for your reference and your certificate will be generated. Additionally, if you are a pharmacist receiving CPE credit, your information will automatically be sent to CPEMonitor for processing.

Upon successful completion of all modules in the online learning platform, LecturePanda, and the input of your live session attendance code, an electronic PDF of your certificate will be automatically generated. This document can be downloaded or printed from LecturePanda. NASPA does not print/mail hard copies of certificates. Please be aware that you have 30 days from the date of completion of the live session to input your attendance code. NASPA does not have the ability to override the system for late filers.

You are responsible for logging into CPEMonitor to ensure credit has been posted after successful completion of the course. Upon successful completion of all modules of the learning product and the live training, LecturePanda automatically sends your information along to CPEMonitor. To learn more about how to claim credit, please click on the CE Info page.

Yes, you will have access to all course material on LecturePanda. As new information and material is released, this toolkit will be updated with relevant resources. We hope you will continue to access these materials to refresh your knowledge base and skills.

Partial credit cannot be awarded by NASPA. Only those who successfully complete the entire 20-hour course are eligible for credit through ACPE.

Unfortunately, NASPA is not able to provide any partial or full refunds.  NASPA hosts the Point-of-Care Testing Certificate Program through registered providers. The registered provider sets the price and collects the registration fees. Consequently, any disputes regarding a cancellation for the program and seeking a refund of the registration fee must be handled directly through the registered provider.

Continuing Education

Pharmacists can receive 20 hours of Continuing Pharmacist Education (CPE) credit if they successfully complete the entire course and pass all assessments. The NASPA Pharmacy-based Point-of-Care Testing Certificate Program is accredited by Michigan Pharmacists Association, an ACPE-accredited provider. CPE Credit is automatically submitted electronically through LecturePanda. It is your responsibility to check CPEMonitor to ensure that you have received credit upon successfully completing the course. To learn more about how to claim credit, please click on CE Info.

Michigan Pharmacists Association is only accredited by ACPE to provide continuing education credit for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. This course is specifically designed with pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in mind and credit is not available for other health professionals.

This program does not meet Florida’s requirements for Test & Treat. Information about a Florida-specific program can be found here.

Hosting a Session

Click on the Host a Training tab on this website and fill out the required form. NASPA staff will contact you directly with next steps including completing a registered provider agreement (RPA). As a registered provider, your organization is responsible for all on-site logistics, while NASPA offers website support for participants to access the learning product. For more information about registered provider responsibilities and requirements regarding hosting sessions, please contact us.

To become a POCT trainer, you must complete both the 20-hour certificate program and the Train-the-Trainer course. Once you are an authorized trainer, you may offer the course through an organization that has an active registered provider agreement in place with NASPA.