State-Level Pharmacy Workforce Surveys and Reports

State pharmacy associations and boards of pharmacy across the US have been working hard to understand and address working conditions of pharmacists. To learn about their work, explore the links below:

California: Workforce Survey (2021)

Colorado: CPS Pharmacist Wellbeing and Workplace Issues (2024)

Hawai’i: Pharmacy Technician Survey Results (2014)

Indiana: Pharmacist Workforce (2012)

Maryland: Working Conditions Survey Follow-Up: Initial Data Response (2015)

Maryland: Working Conditions Survey Summary (2016)

Minnesota: Minnesota’s Pharmacist Workforce (2020)

Nevada: Nevada Pharmacists Workplace and Patient Safety Survey (2023)

New York: Pharmacy Workplace Survey 2022 vs. 2023 (2023)

North Dakota: Registered Pharmacy Technician Survey (2022)

Ohio: 2021 Pharmacist Workload Survey (2021)

Oregon: Safe Pharmacy Practice Conditions Survey (2022)

South Carolina: SCPhA Workplace Conditions Survey (2023)

Utah: Pharmacist Workforce (2018)

Vermont: Pharmacist Survey Results (2020)

Virginia: Virginia’s Pharmacist Workforce (2020)

Washington: Pharmacy Survey Comments (2014)

Wisconsin: Pharmacy Workforce Study Final Report (2020)