Support for Pharmacist Prescribing and Decreasing Scope Restrictions

It’s not just pharmacists who think it makes sense to expand pharmacy scope of practice restrictions and allow pharmacists to prescribe. Below are some of the many examples supporting the concept.

On the physician shortage problem:

…independent practice for non-physician practitioners is likely at the crux of an immediate solution.

Although we’re running low on doctors, the solution may not be more doctors (STAT News; Sept. 12, 2018)

Regulations like certificates of need and scope of practice can have a legitimate purpose. But too often, these rules can be a significant barrier to new competition and lower-cost market disruptors.

HHS Chief Urges States to Ease Scope-of-Practice Rules (MedPage Today; Aug. 9, 2018)

this research supports … loosening scope of practice limitations that currently prevent licensed non-physician providers from working to the full extent of their training and experience.

Improving health care through occupational licensing reform (Brookings; Aug. 28, 2018)

I believe a pharmacist is much better qualified than I am to prescribe medications to my patients.

Doctor says, “pharmacists are qualified to prescribe.” (YouTube; May 16, 2018)

State flexibilities in expanding the ability of pharmacists to prescribe, modify, or monitor drug therapy for certain medications may be effective at helping to address such issues by improving access to care. CMCS encourages states to consider using these methods to promote access particularly to those drugs that can help address priority public health issues.

CMCS Bulletin on the Value of Pharmacist Prescribing (Center for Medicaid and Chip Services; Jan. 17, 2017)

Enact broad collaborative practice provisions that allow for specific provider functions to be determined at the provider level rather than set in state statute or through regulation.

The Expanding Role of Pharmacists in a Transformed Health Care System (National Governors Association; Jan. 2015)


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