Student Involvement in State Pharmacy Associations

By: Savannah Cunningham

Student involvement in state pharmacy associations is essential to the future of pharmacy and of the association itself. The best practices for getting students involved in state pharmacy associations can be found below.

For Students

State Pharmacy Association Websites & Social Media:



For Pharmacy Associations

  1. How to increase student membership

2. How to create a student leadership structure

See what other states are currently doing

3. Examples of student representation

    • Board of Directors¬†
      • Ex-officio or Voting member
      • One student per COP or 1-2 students on behalf of all students
    • Committees/Task Forces participation
      • Application/interest form
      • Directly contact chair
      • Appointment from within student leadership

4. Student programming

    • Conference
    • Legislative Day
    • Other
      • Mentorship Program
      • quarterly dinners/social events
      • patient care competitions
      • on campus speakers
      • leadership training
      • poster presentations
      • residency showcase
      • health fairs
      • NAPLEX/MPJE reviews

5. Student scholarships

    • How administered
      • Through COPs (lump sum given out or specific number)
      • Application through association
    • Typical amounts ($500-2000/student for 1-25 students)
    • Conference discounts or scholarships
    • Award recognition

Student Leadership Structure Case Studies

1. California:

    • ASP BOD with 1 representative per school chaired by elected trustee
    • 1 meeting/month
    • Trustee serves on BOD

2. Tennessee:

    • 2 members at large from each school
    • President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President
    • 20 student seats in TPA HOD
    • President is on BOD

3. Georgia:

    • 2 junior members and 2 senior members from each school
    • President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President

4. South Carolina:

5. Texas:

    • 2 directors from each school
    • Chair & Chair-Elect
    • Chair is on TPA BOD