Pharmacist Immunization Authority

Every state allows pharmacists to administer immunizations, but laws vary in the details of that authorization. There are two main questions to consider when looking at pharmacist vaccination authority by state:

  1. Can pharmacists administer the vaccine? Several states have restrictions on which vaccines the pharmacist can administer and/or age limitations on who the pharmacist can vaccinate.
  2. Does a patient need a prescription? The pharmacist’s authority to prescribe vaccines and/or administer a vaccine without a patient-specific prescription from another healthcare provider can vary by vaccine or patient age for each state.

The charts and interactive maps below provides a visual representation of pharmacist immunization authority in each state. A PDF version of this information is also available below. Included in the updated PDF version is a map specific to pharmacist authority to administer mpox vaccines to adults (18+). 

Pharmacist Immunization Authority Report – April 2023 Update

*Note: Under temporary federal PREP Act authority, pharmacists are able to order/prescribe and administer, and pharmacy interns and pharmacy technicians are able to administer, all routine childhood immunizations and COVID-19 vaccines to ages 3 and older and influenza vaccines to ages 19 and older. For more information, please see our COVID-19: Federal PREP Act Actions page.