Maternal Health Services Set Toolkit for Pharmacists

This toolkit was made possible by a grant from the Community Pharmacy Foundation.


Pharmacist-provided maternal health services encompass more than just contraception. Maternal health includes preconception, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy. Each phase of maternal health has unique needs, including those women who choose not to or are unable to have children.

Establishing pharmacist-provided maternal health services may lead to significant savings to the healthcare system. Pharmacists are well equipped to provide these services and are more accessible than other healthcare providers. Pharmacist scope of practice continues to evolve and more closely align with pharmacists’ clinical ability.

Pharmacists are a vital member of the healthcare team. Successful implementation of a pharmacist-provided maternal health services program will require partnerships between providers, payers, and pharmacists. This toolkit is designed to assist community-based pharmacists in implementing a maternal health services program at their practice site.

Overview of Maternal Health Services Set




Want to learn more about women’s health and some of the screenings and services mentioned in the overview? Here are some recommended education and CE resources:


Need a screening tool or more information in general on one of the maternal health services mentioned in the overview? Here are some recommended resources:

Alcohol Screening
Depression Screening
HIV/Hep B/C Risk
STI Prevention
Interpersonal Violence Screening
Fall Prevention
Substance Use Screening
Urinary Incontinence Screening
Breastfeeding Counseling, Services, Supplies
Thyroid Level Monitoring

Prescribing Regulations

While most of the services included in the maternal health services set are screenings and counseling, the full authority for certain pharmacist prescribing elements vary from state to state. Here are some resources to begin your research into the authority granted in your state, and your state pharmacy association and state board of pharmacy will have the most accurate and up-to-date information on your state’s regulations:

Documentation & Value Set

Use Case 1: Pregnancy and Lactation

Use Case 2: Contraception

Maternal Health Services Value Set

Marketing and Identifying Patients

  • Identifying patients: 
    • Women of child bearing age 
    • Anyone picking up birth control or fertility medications (if you sell these)
    • Pregnant 
    • Buying pregnancy test 
    • Buying Plan B 
    • Has a baby with them (breastfeeding, interconception services)
  • Marketing:
    • Materials:
      • Flyer
      • Handouts
      • Brochure
    • Create a FAQ page on your pharmacy website
    • Provide number to text for more information
    • Designate a technician and/or pharmacist to identify and enroll patients in services