NASPA Welcomes New Staff

NASPA is excited to welcome Allie Jo Shipman to the team!  Allie Jo is a South Carolina native and a 2017 graduate of Mercer University College of Pharmacy in Atlanta, GA. Interested in advancing the pharmacy profession, she moved to Alexandria, VA after graduation to begin her career in association management as the 2017-2018 National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Executive Resident. Allie Jo moved on from her residency early to join the NCPA Advocacy Center, where she served as Associate Director, State Government Affairs, before accepting a position as Director, State Policy for NASPA in May.

In her free time, Allie Jo enjoys music, reading, being outside, and playing with her two toy poodles Heidi and Gretel.  She received her Bachelor’s degree in Music, and hopes visit every U.S. state and all seven continents.

Please join us in welcoming Allie Jo to the team!