Idaho Prescribing Rules Go Live July 1, Pharmacies Are Ready

On July 1, 2018, Idaho regulations governing pharmacists’ independent prescriptive authority for more than 20 categories of medications officially go into effect. Already, pharmacists in Idaho can prescribe tobacco cessation aids, immunizations, epinephrine, and more. Idaho’s new authority gives pharmacists the ability to prescribe medications used to prevent travel-related illness, treat common conditions, close clinical gaps in care, and more.

Already, pharmacies, such as Rite Aid and Broulims, have announced their plans to implement the new regulations and make important medications accessible to their patients. Pharmacists will be required to maintain an evidence-based patient assessment protocol. Template protocols, developed during a collaborative pharmacist-physician workshop, have been provided by the Idaho Board of Pharmacy to provide pharmacists with a starting point for their own protocols.

In addition to this new prescriptive authority, Idaho’s reformed¬†rulebook, which will eliminate 62% of the existing restrictions, also goes into effect on July 1, 2018. Existing Idaho law allows pharmacy technicians to take on greater roles in the pharmacy–thus freeing up pharmacists time to provide services important to the health of their communities.

To learn more about pharmacist prescriptive authority, take a look at NASPA’s resources.