Career – PPA Position Available

The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association is currently seeking an Executive Fellow.  The PPA Executive Fellowship in Association Management provides a non-traditional post-graduate training experience for those interested in cultivating organizational and leadership skills critical to the success of nonprofit organizations.

The mission of the Fellowship is to foster the development and training of pharmacy professionals to assume high-level leadership positions in pharmacy practice and/or a professional association while supporting and enhancing PPA’s membership, education, and advocacy initiatives.


  • Support the development of individuals interested in association management through training and experience in governance, advocacy for the profession, leadership, membership development, professional affairs, continuing education development, communications, publication production, media relations, and event coordination
  • Prepare individuals for leadership positions in a variety of settings in the profession of pharmacy and healthcare in general
  • Advance the role of the pharmacist in the healthcare system by engaging with Pennsylvania’s pharmacists, student pharmacists, policymakers, state agencies, members of the other healthcare provider groups, and managed care organizations
  • Engage in practice transformation efforts with leaders and pharmacists participating in the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Care Network (CPESN Affiliate)
  • Activate PPA’s strategic priorities in one or more of the focus areas of membership, identity, and advocacy

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