CPF Announces Flip the Pharmacy Awardees

The Community Pharmacy Foundation has announced the 2019 “Flip the Pharmacy” awardees.  These 20 “practice transformation teams” will participate in the two-year program aimed to “transform community-based pharmacies away from point-in-time, prescription-level care processes and business models to longitudinal and patient-level care processes and business models through the use of hands on coaching.” CPESN USA will serve as the Coordinating Center for the Flip the Pharmacy program.

“Each team has established key relationships with payers and transformation partners generating large in-kind support for their implementation plans, while presenting lean budgets for recruiting and coaching participating pharmacies. We are eager to watch these teams grow and begin transforming community pharmacy through the creation of replicable and sustainable care and business processes” said CPF Board President Phil Burgess, RPh.

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