Oregon Governor Signs PBM Regulation Bill

Earlier this week, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed Oregon HB 2185, relating to pharmacy benefit managers, into law.

The bill, supported by the Oregon State Pharmacy Association (OSPA), establishes some basic fair practices:

  • Allows patients the option to use a local pharmacy instead of mandating use of a mail order pharmacy;
  • Allows local Oregon pharmacies to mail or deliver prescriptions to their patients;
  • Ensures a pharmacist can alert a patient that a prescription could be purchased at a lower cost if paid out of pocket, rather than purchased through a PBM benefit plan;
  • Defines Specialty Drugs to drugs which cannot be supplied to patients through a retail pharmacy
  • Allows Oregon long term care pharmacies the ability to dispense needed urgent drugs to fragile patients in nursing homes;
  • Prevents PBMs from reimbursing 340B pharmacy services differently from other identical services in their networks;
  • Creates rules and enforcement provisions requiring PBMs to pay pharmacies, at minimum, their acquisition price for a drug; and
  • Eliminates retroactive fees, clawed back after payments from PBMs to pharmacies have already been made

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