Illinois to Pay Nearly $5 Million to Independent Pharmacies

The state of Illinois is sending $4.7 million to more than 70 independent pharmacies caught in the “financial squeeze of inadequate reimbursements” from filling Medicaid prescriptions.  This money, a part of the $10 million Critical Access Pharmacy Program, is intended to assist small, independent pharmacies, located mostly in downstate Illinois, facing financial issues related to the state managed care program for Medicaid recipients.

“We have to see a change in how pharmacies are valued by the state, especially through the managed Medicaid program,” Garth Reynolds, Executive Director of the Illinois Pharmacists Association said. “We recognize medication costs have gone up over the past number of years. But that is not because of community pharmacies. The pricing manipulations go way higher than the influence that a community pharmacy can have. But the community pharmacy is the one that gets punished.”

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