Over 100 Organizations Urge Congress to Oppose Importation of Non-FDA Approved Drugs

Over 100 health, patient advocacy, and law enforcement organizations, including NASPA and state pharmacy associations, signed on to a letter sent to President Trump and members of Congress asking them to safeguard patients and protect the secure U.S. prescription drug supply.  The letter reminds the president and members of Congress that four previous FDA commissioners have studied drug importation and determined that American patient safety would be compromised. Supply chain safety improvements implemented over the past decade would be severely disrupted by drug importation from unregulated foreign entities.

Organized by the Partnership for Safe Medicines, the letter states that “[a]s fellow Americans, we do not discount the issue of financial barriers to access all forms of healthcare including medicine. However, there are a broad array of policy proposals that address concerns about medication. Legalized importation of non-FDA-approved medication should not be one of them.”

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