Upsher-Smith Hosts NASPA/Pharmacists Mutual Leadership Conference

Upsher-Smith Laboratories recently hosted the NASPA/Pharmacists Mutual Leadership Conference at its Maple Grove headquarters on May 20-21, 2019. The two-day conference, which educates newly elected leaders and association executives on best practices in association governance and financial management, aims to strengthen the performance of state and national pharmacy associations across the United States, and to help raise public awareness about the importance and impact of pharmacists in the healthcare arena.

“In a complex health care delivery system, pharmacists are on the frontlines of patient care, and pharmacy associations play a critical role in supporting their work and communicating their perspective to the wider community,” said Mike McBride, Vice President, Partner Relations, Upsher-Smith. “Upsher-Smith is proud to host this event that helps the executive leaders of state and national pharmacy associations to communicate and act upon the unique perspective of pharmacists as health care professionals. Upsher-Smith is also honored to support NASPA’s Excellence in Innovation Award that recognized deserving pharmacists from 40 states for their outstanding contribution to the profession of pharmacy in 2018.”

“NASPA is deeply committed to cultivating and optimizing leadership in pharmacy at the state and national level, and this conference provides a hands-on way for us to do just that,” said Rebecca P. Snead, Executive Vice President and CEO of NASPA.  “We are grateful to Upsher-Smith for hosting this important event and to Pharmacists Mutual for acting as our namesake sponsor, as we work to bring our message about the increasingly important role pharmacists play in the delivery of healthcare.”

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