National CEOs Highlight Opioid Education Pharmacy Toolkit

NASPA CEO Rebecca Snead and National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) CEO Doug Hoey recently penned an opinion piece in Drug Topics on the Allied Against Opioid Abuse (AAOA) Pharmacy Toolkit.  Pharmacists are in a unique position to educate their patients on the risks of prescription opioid safety, as well as safe storage and disposal of unused or expired pills — and this toolkit contains the educational tools to help them do so.

“We believe that increasing public education and awareness of prescription opioid safety is an important step to reversing the trend of misuse and abuse in communities nationwide,” Snead and Hoey said in the op-ed.

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The AAOA Pharmacy Toolkit materials focus on helping pharmacists to educate their patients and caregivers about the rights, risks and responsibilities associated with prescription opioids. The toolkit includes the following resources:

  • Pharmacy Display;
  • Patient Handout;
  • Patient Engagement Guide;
  • Tips for Talking with Patients and Caregivers;
  • Provider Engagement Guide; and,
  • Safe Storage and Disposal Training Deck

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