Alberta RNs Will Soon Prescribe Certain Medications

Last week, the College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta announced that new regulatory changes will allow registered nurses to prescribe certain medications and order diagnostic tests, including x-rays. The medications will include those for sexually transmitted diseases, travel medications, and vaccines.

As reported by the Calgary Herald, while announcing the changes, the Alberta Health Minister, Sarah Hoffman, told a group of nursing students, “We want to unlock the best possible use of our expertise and enable you to practise the full range of skills you have.”

Meanwhile, in the US, pharmacist advocates still face strong opposition to efforts to advance pharmacist prescribing policies. Support continues to grow, however, from organizations such as CMS, the Tobacco Control Network, and even practicing physicians. Pharmacists receive a minimum of four years of clinical education for a total of six to eight years of post-secondary education—and many go on to complete residency training after that.

The Alberta RN prescribing regulations take effect in May 2019.

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