FTC Examines Ways to Improve Occupational License Portability Across States

The Federal Trade Commission released a staff report this week on ways to improve occupational licensing portability for licensed workers moving to new states.  This report, Options to Enhance Occupational License Portability, aims to reduce job growth and labor mobility hurdles by encouraging states to reduce regulations surrounding occupational licensing.

“Most occupations are licensed state-by-state, meaning that a valid license in one state often will not easily transfer to a new state. This can create real hardships for those who cannot easily bear the costs of being relicensed, and can also reduce public access to trained professionals in rural areas who might otherwise be served by telehealth services or multistate practitioners. Today’s FTC staff report provides important, useful guidance to help state policymakers find ways of reducing these burdens,” Commissioner Maureen K. Ohlhausen stated.

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