Think Tank Concludes Pharmacists Should Have Full Immunization Authority

A new report published in April supports pharmacists having full authority to provide vaccinations.  Think tank Pacific Research Institute published their report, “Promoting Access and Lowering Costs in Health Care: The Case of Empowering Pharmacists to Increase Adult Vaccination Rates,” and concluded that pharmacist-provided immunizations are both cost-effective and valuable, but also identified current barriers pharmacists face.

One barrier the report focuses on is the current reporting technology.  With more than 50 immunization registries across the country, it is difficult to access a patient’s vaccination history and report current immunizations.  The report calls for pharmacists to have access to electronic health records, which they conclude will increase recommended vaccinations and better educate patients.

“When pharmacists are empowered with information, they can explain the vaccines CDC recommends. The role pharmacists can play in education is incredibly important and can increase vaccination rates,” the report states.

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