Including Pharmacists on Team Leads to Better Outcomes

A new article in the American Medical Association’s publication, the AMA Wire, focuses on the improved patient outcomes that result when pharmacists are included in a team-based care model.  Providence Medical Group in Oregon has been including pharmacists on the team (through the implementation of collaborative practice agreements) for more than 20 years, primarily to manage patients with diabetes, and has seen great results.  Pharmacists in the Providence medical homes not only free up physician time by being the medication experts, but also have seen great outcomes in diabetes cases, especially with difficult or poorly managed diabetes patients.

“I feel very strongly that [pharmacists] are an integral part of the team,” Dr. Lori Gluck said. “Once you practice with a clinical pharmacist at your fingertips, I can’t imagine not having that service.”

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The AMA also highlights their STEPS Forward™ collection — a free online module explaining how to determine the pharmacy needs for a physician’s health care team.

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