Idaho Develops Templates for Pharmacist Prescribing Protocols

The Idaho State Board of Pharmacy has developed template protocols for pharmacists to consider when implementing services that include prescribing. Rule Docket 27-0104-1701, Rules Governing Pharmacist Prescriptive Authority, detailed the requirements related to “patient assessment protocols” required for each drug or drug category a pharmacist intends to prescribe. Of note, the state does not impose a specific protocol on the pharmacist, only that a clinically sound protocol be used. The new template protocols will be a resource for pharmacists when developing their practices’ protocols.

According to the Board of Pharmacy announcement, the pharmacist’s “patient assessment protocol is to be used to identify patients who may not be appropriate candidates for treatment by the pharmacist and who may need [a] referral to a more appropriate venue for care.”  The rule also states that the pharmacist “must revise the patient assessment protocol when necessary to ensure continued compliance with clinical guidelines or evidence-based research findings.”

The template protocols relate to cold sores, seasonal influenza treatment and prophylaxis, strep throat, UTI’s, statins, and short-acting beta-agonists and are included as attachments in the Board of Pharmacy announcement.

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