Project Highlights Pharmacists’ Key Role in Resolving Vaccination Needs

The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Foundation recently announced the results from their pilot project on pharmacists’ role in resolving vaccination needs.  Project IMPACT Immunizations found that “adult vaccination needs are better addressed when pharmacists have bi-directional access to immunization information systems (IIS) data that enables them to conduct comprehensive vaccination history reviews at the point-of-care,” Pharmacy Times reports.

“The results validate that pharmacists can help identify and resolve unmet vaccination needs by recommending appropriate vaccines based on a person’s individual needs, particularly when equipped with innovative point-of-care technologies that support a streamlined process of care,” said Benjamin Bluml, RPh of the APhA Foundation.

This project was supported by Merck and the APhA Foundation, with state-level support from the Washington State Pharmacy Association.

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